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Privacy Notice
Thea & Sami Privacy Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the collection, use, access, correction, deletion and storage of personal information that complies with the National Privacy Principles (NPP’s) by Thea & Sami.

Thea & Sami is required to store personal information as a normal part of operations . Thea & Sami accepts that the general principles of privacy and confidentiality apply to the use and availability of such information. Where information about a person is considered personal, that person may quite reasonably expect that Thea & Sami will maintain confidentiality, except where disclosure is required for legitimate purposes.

Thea & Sami collects, maintains, utilises and discloses personal information covered by the privacy legislation including personal information on customers and potential customers.

This private information is primarily stored in our electronic database that is only accessible to authorised representatives of Thea & Sami.

Unless required by law or permitted by consent, the information collected by Thea & Sami is not used for any purpose other than the primary purpose for which it was collected, or a related and reasonably foreseeable secondary purpose.

Thea & Sami will endeavour to ensure that all employees, contractors, agents and other people working within Thea & Sami are familiar with this policy and other appropriate guidelines.

Personal Information - Any information or opinion that can identify a person.

Sensitive Information - Any combination of information on a person's racial/ethnic origin, union membership, political opinions or associations, professional or trade associations, sexual preferences or practices, religious beliefs or affiliations, criminal record, philosophical beliefs and health information.

Authorised Access - Access to that which is required from work-related purposes.

For more information on this policy and specific privacy procedures please contact Thea & Sami.


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